Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Download PCMAV 2.0b Valkyrie

PCMAV 2.0b

a. IMPROVED! Ditambahkan database pengenal dan pembersih 60 virus lokal/
asing/varian baru yang dilaporkan menyebar di Indonesia. Total 2720
virus beserta variannya, termasuk virus Conficker yang canggih, yang
banyak beredar di Indonesia telah dikenal di versi 2.0b ini oleh
core engine PCMAV.

b. BUG FIXED! Pada versi sebelumnya RTP berjalan kurang sempurna di
Windows XP/Vista, yang pada beberapa kondisi hingga mengakibatkan
beberapa aplikasi tidak dapat dijalankan dengan sempurna.

c. BUG FIXED! Rutin scan memory tidak lagi gagal dalam mendeteksi
beberapa virus jenis script.

d. BUG FIXED! Engine heuristic kini lebih akurat dalam mendeteksi file
yang dicurigai.

e. NEW! Tambahan engine advanced heuristic yang dapat mendeteksi varian
virus polymorphic yang banyak menyebar.

f. BUG FIXED! Scan melalui klik-kanan "Scan with PCMAV" kini dapat
diintegrasikan di Vista tanpa masalah.

g. IMPROVED! Tampilan splash screen Cleaner dan RealTime Protector.

h. BUG FIXED! Kesalahan deteksi (false alarm) heuristik pada beberapa
program dan script.


j. IMPROVED! Perubahan beberapa nama virus mengikuti varian baru yang

k. IMPROVED! Perbaikan beberapa minor bug dan improvisasi kode internal
untuk memastikan bahwa PCMAV tetap dapat menjadi antivirus kebanggaan


PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 2.0b – Valkyrie
Copyright (c) 2006-2009 Majalah PC Media
Pinpoint Publications Group

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Download Accelerator Plus Premium

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Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the leading download manager with over 160 million registered users worldwide. DAP leverages patented technology, ease of use and rich features including: multi-connections for the fastest downloads from most responsive servers, auto-recovery from lost connections and errors, Always Resume feature (where server-resume is not supported), scheduling, file management tools, privacy and security features, and much more.

DAP integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and is compatible with Windows Vista. DAP is available in 10 languages including German, Dutch, French, Chinese (traditional), Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and Italian.

New features in DAP 8.7 includes an upgraded download window for faster downloads with ease and simplicity, improved management window, the ability to upload and send large files and the SpeedBit Video Accelerator expansions to reduce buffering problems and video "hiccups" from over 100 video sites!

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) will accelerate the speed with which you can receive files over the Internet using FTP and HTTP protocols by simultaneously downloading several file segments from the same or different servers.

Download Accelerator Plus enables you to pause and resume downloads, and to recover from a dropped Internet connection.

In addition, DAP searches for mirrors and implements the downloads from the best or most responsive mirrors. It is configured by default to automatically Integrate into your Explorer or Netscape browser when it is installed, and to self-activate each time a download is performed.

No further configuration or action is required on your part - simply use your browser to access the desired site, click on the download file, and respond to the self-explanatory DAP dialogs that appear.

Advanced options enable you to tailor the operation and responses of the application to your needs. You can choose to trigger specific responses such as messages, queue update, closing the application, and disconnecting after the download is completed or is not available.

DAP is fully integrated into the browser, providing the best possible performance from ANY Internet connection, broadband and narrowband (cable, DSL / ADSL, T1, dial-up etc.).

DAP will allow you to benefit from a faster and more reliable download experience, optimize your download performance, and help you to recover interrupted downloads. DAP is available in two versions: a Free version (ads supported) and a Premium version (with a richer set of features and no ads.).


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